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Your one-stop platform to practice presentations, learn public speaking skills and receive immediate feedback on areas for improvement.

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Why Us?

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What would you learn?

We have prepared for you the most comprehensive platform possible to analyze and improve your delivery. 

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    The art of speeding & slowing down

    Learn when to use a barrage of words to enthrall the audience, and when to take it slow and carefully measure out each word to underline the importance of your message. 

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    The art of influencing how others think of you

    Learn how to be perceived as more attractive, physically stronger, and more “respected” to strengthen your social and professional interactions.

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    The art of amplifying your persona

    Energy is the self-belief you deliver in your performance. Irrespective of the type of speech, a message becomes more potent with energy.

    Learn to control your energy to amplify yourself deliberately. 

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    The secret of conveying feelings, intentions, and wishes

    Facial expressions enhance the words you say, much like gestures. 

    Learn to avoid situations when your verbal cues say one thing, and your nonverbal cues say another. 

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    The art of unconsciously projecting calm, confidence, and high status

    Learn when to use a barrage of words to enthrall the audience, and when to take it slow and carefully measure out each word to underline the importance of your message. 

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    The art of speaking decisively and with conviction

    Have you ever counted how often you say "kinda," "sorta," "you know," "I guess," and "like"? Filler words undermine the effectiveness of your message as well as your credibility.

    People will take you more seriously when you sound confident, credible, and clear about what you want.  

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    The art of speaking concisely

    Do you know that redundant words and longer expressions such as these can confuse the audience? In the midst of a spontaneous speech such as an interview, it is quite easy to succumb to verbosity and duplication.

    Learn to say the same thing in fewer words.

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    Professionally designed answers for an array of scenarios

    Use our professionally designed answers to common interview questions to prepare for your job interview. Customize them to fit your personal profile and practice them until you feel supremely confident. 

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    The fuel for greatness

    Compare your performance with hundreds of users hunting for jobs. 

    Get inspired to do your best – not just good enough. They will strive to do more than is required.

How It Works

Get inspired to do your best – not just good enough. 

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    Appear in mock interview

    Simulate realistic interviews for different job positions. You can review your recorded response.

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    Get results and immediate feedback

    Know your performance and tips for improvement. 

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    Level up your speaking skills

    Use our tips and training materials to master each aspect of public speaking skill.

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Pricing Plan

One-time payment. No monthly recurring charges. 3 evaluation credits are free for everyone.   

Pay either by card or at kombini. No refunds. 


Perfect for beginners

Medium (20% off)

For the achievers

Expert (40% off)

For the perfectionists
Evaluation Credits
Total times one can answer a mock interview question and get evaluated.
Comprehensive Evaluation
Feedback about different aspects of your verbal and non-verbal skills such as pace, pitch, energy, filler words, redundancy, posture, facial expressions and so on..
Improvement tips
The format in which our suggestions for your improvement are provided.
Text format only
Text and video both
Text and video both
Peer comparison report
Based on the data of several hundred users competing with you in the job market, we provide analysis on where you stand.
Discounted rates for purchase of extra evaluation credits
Purchase additional evaluation credits at large discounts within the app.
✓ Upto 50 円/ trial
✓ Upto 40 円/ trial
Upto 30 円/ trial

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